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Our Vision


Be a reference of knowledge and solidity in his area of business.



Respond effectively, quality and range of products to market demands.



Knowledge, Cooperation,

Determination, Flexibility, Humanism,

Integrity, Rigor.


Who we are


35 years of Experience

FIOFIBRA was created on June 23, 1983 in the form of a limited company.

Since its foundation to date, FIOFIBRA has always been growing steadily and its presence is now fully consolidated in the national market.

The future is essentially the growth in the national market, exploring new business areas, the continuous adaptation of the production lines and the range of products to the demands of the same market, and also the expansion into the export market, in relation to which the first steps are being taken.

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Business areas

Fiofibra works for the most diverse business areas, among other sectors we can highlight the following:

  • Technical textiles.
  • Socks.
  • Circular and straight meshes.
  • Automobile section.
  • Trimmings.
  • Home textiles.


FIOFIBRA’s mission is based on meeting the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders, responding effectively,
quality and range of products to market demands.
In this sense Fiofibra makes the following commitments:

1 – Seek to be recognized by its customers and other stakeholders as a reference supplier and as a reliable business partner and
2 – Continuously improve product quality, seeking to optimize resources based on the best manufacturing processes and
as a way to increase their performance and in function of the permanent satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the Clients and other
interested parts;
3 – Promote awareness and respect for the environment, aiming at preventing pollution and minimizing, whenever possible, the impacts
associated with its activity by monitoring and controlling the consumption of natural resources and the efficient use and management of
in all its processes and activities;
4 – Promote the development, well-being and safety and health of employees, as well as the adoption of accident prevention measures and
5 – Ensure the competence of employees, promoting their performance, involvement and participation, implementing training programs and
awareness raising, stimulating teamwork;
6 – Establish and maintain a good relationship with partners and suppliers, thus creating a relationship of mutual benefit and trust;
7 – To grow in a sustainable way, fulfilling the applicable requirements to the activity, including the legal ones, those related to its environmental aspects,
occupational safety and health and social responsibility, as well as other requirements that the company subscribes to.
FIOFIBRA Management ensures that this Policy is updated, communicated, understood and implemented throughout your organization and disseminated.
stakeholders, committing themselves to the continuous improvement of its Management System.


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